Vrishabha Rashi Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
BandhulPleasing, Charmingboy
BankebihariLord Krishna, One who loves to sport in the forests Banke meaning bent in three places as the curved statue of Krishna normally is hands folded to hold a flute, Waist folded, And leg folded in a standing poseboy
BankimCrescent, Lord Krishna, Curvedboy
BankimchandraCrescent Moonboy
BansilalLord Krishna, The first Lordboy
BaridMessenger, Partner, Cloudboy
BarindraLord of the oceanboy
BarunLord of the waters, Neptune, All enveloping Sky, A vedic God regarded as the supreme deity, He is seen as upholding heaven and earth and guarding immortalityboy
BasantaSpring, One who bestows wishesboy
BashirVision, Propitious, Auspicious, Prudent, Bringer of glad tidingsboy
BasisthaFamous Rishi, Best, Most prosperous, Distinguished, Dearest, Master of all creation and desireboy
BasudhaThe earthboy
BibekJudgment, Discernment, Knowledge, Reason, Conscienceboy
BibhasA Ragaboy
BibhavasuThe Sun, Fireboy
BijoyVictory. in synonym as Vijayboy
BikramBravery, Prowess, Valour, Power, Mettle, Best, Intensity, Another name for Vishnuboy
BilvaA sacred leafboy
BimalPure, White, Brightboy
BindusarAn excellent Pearlboy
BinodHappy, Full of Joy, Play, Fun, Joke, Humourboy

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