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Sikh Baby NamesSikh properly refers to adherents of Sikhism as a religion, which is based on the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak, the first Guru, and the ten successive Sikh gurus. Male Sikhs have "Singh", and female Sikhs have "Kaur" as their middle or last name. Sikhs use a set of several hundred given names, all or nearly all meaningful, usually with a religious or moral theme. For example, Ujjal means "bright, clean, holy". The process of choosing a Sikh's first name occurs following the first few days of their birth, in a ceremony called the Hukamnama; a family often selects a name for a child by opening the Sikh holy scripture. Check out our collection of Sikh baby names for boys or girls.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AaradhDeep rapturous Love, Adorationboy
AbhinavInnovative, Young, Modern, Fresh, Novel, A sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment, Newboy
AbinaashEternal, Immortal, Who has no deathboy
AbinashEternal, Immortal, Who has no deathboy
AgamComing, Arrival, A name of Jain shastra, Insight, Intelligence, Wisdomboy
AgamjotGods light, The inaccessible lightboy
AgampreetLove for Godboy
AjaipalTo gain a victory overboy
AjeetSuccessful, Unbeatable, Unconquerable Ajeetboy
AjitSuccessful, Unbeatable, Unconquerable Ajeetboy
AkalImmortal, Undying, Timeless, Chief of a tribe, Supreme beingboy
AkalbirOne who conquers peace, Gods immortalwarriorboy
AkaldeepEternal lamp, Lamp of the Godboy
AkaljotThe eternal light, Gods lightboy
AkalpreetLove of Godboy
AkalroopOf eternal form, Of eternal beautyboy
AkaltatThe eternal realityboy
Akal-UstatPraise to timeless, Eternalboy
AkhareeFrom gods wordboy
AkheeOf An eye as in a blink of An eyeboy
AkshdeepThe lamp of light in the Skyboy

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