Mesha Rashi Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
AatreyAn ancient name, Glorious, Able to cross the three worldsboy
AayanSomeone who is religiously inclined, Gift of Godboy
AayuSpan of lifeboy
AayushAge, Man, Long lived, One with long life, Duration of lifeboy
AbadhyaFull of power, Invincibleboy
AbbasDescription of a lionboy
AbhasFeeling, Virtualboy
AbhavLord Shiva, Lord Shiva, Having the ability to be differentboy
AbhimaniFull of pride, Another name of Agni as the eldest son of Brahmaboy
AgriyaFirst bestboy
AmalBright, Hope, Pure, Hardworking, Optimistic, Expectation, Brillinat, Another name for Narayana, Cleanboy
AmarisChild of the Moonboy
AmeyaBoundless, Magnanimous, One who is beyond measureboy
AmitrasudanDestroyer of enemiesboy
AmlankusumUnfading flowerboy
AmmuA pet name for girl childboy
AmritambuThe Moonboy
AmritayaThe immortal, Lord Vishnuboy
AnamitraLord Surya the Sunboy
AnjanDusky, Eye linerboy
AnjaneyaLord Hanuman, Son of Anjanaboy

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