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Indian Girl Names Traditional Indian names are very popular for families of Indian heritage. If you are a English-speaking family with Indian heritage, you could consider giving your baby an Indian first name. There are lots of Indian names for girls and it will be not easy to choose the perfect name. Here we pulled together a collection of Indian girl names, along with their meanings. These names include Hindu names, Bengali names, Gujarathi names, Punjabi names, Sanskrit names and Tamil names. The list also contains those religion names based on lord Shakti, Lakshmi, Ganesh, or Hanuman. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your pretty girls.

YaadOne who remembers
YaadaviGoddess Durga
YaadhaviGoddess Durga
YaadinderGods remembrance
YaadleenOne absorbed in gods remembrance
YaalchelvanPride of yaalpaanam
YaalmaniGem of yaalpaanam
YaalvendanRuler of yaalpaanam
YaamiPath, Progress, An Apsara or celestial nymph
YaaminiNight or nocturnal
YaanaSlavic, God is gracious, A new birth
YaasminJasmine or flower
YachanaEntreaty, Prayer, Pleading
YadasambhartaChief of marine animals
YadaspatiLord Varuna, Lord of marine animals
YadavaprakasaLord Krishna
YadavaputraSon of Yadu
YadavarayaKing of of Yadavas
YadavasardulaTiger or chief of Yadavas
YadavasresthaFirst of Yadavas
YadavesvaraLord Krishna
YadaviGoddess Durga
YadisaLord of Marine animals, Another name for Vishnu
YaditaLord of night
YadonathaLord of sea animals, Another name for Vishnu
YadukumaraLord Krishna
YadumaniJewel of the Yadus
YadvaInsight, Intelligence, Mind
YagapriyaName of a Raga
YagnyaCeremonial rites to God

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