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Indian Girl Names Traditional Indian names are very popular for families of Indian heritage. If you are a English-speaking family with Indian heritage, you could consider giving your baby an Indian first name. There are lots of Indian names for girls and it will be not easy to choose the perfect name. Here we pulled together a collection of Indian girl names, along with their meanings. These names include Hindu names, Bengali names, Gujarathi names, Punjabi names, Sanskrit names and Tamil names. The list also contains those religion names based on lord Shakti, Lakshmi, Ganesh, or Hanuman. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your pretty girls.

Ma As-SamaA noble hearted, Generous lady, Had this name, She built a religious school
MaabPlace to which one returns
MaaghName of a Hindu month
MaaghaName of a Nakshathra, Months name
MaaheshvariPower of Lord Mahesha
MaahiRiver, Great earth, Heaven and earthconjoined, The number one
MaahnoorGlow of Moon, Light of the Moon
MaalaiGarland of Flowers
MaalaviPrincess, A musical Raag
MaaliaWorthy to be garlanded, Wealth, Mass of flowers
MaalikaDaughter, Queen, Owner, A garland, Jasmine, Intoxicating drink
MaaliniFragrant, Jasmine, Gardener, Another name for Goddess Durga and the Ganges, A garland maker, Wearing a garland
MaanasaConceived in the mind
MaanasiWith a sound mind, A lady, Intellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Saraswati
MaanaviGirl with humanity, One who poses all bestqualities
MaanavikaYoung girl
MaandaviConsort of Bharat in Ramayan, Fit, Competent, Administrator
MaandhataAn ancient King
MaanhithaTogether, Conversation with God, Honored
MaanikaOf jewels, Ruby
MaaniniLady, Nobel, Women, Self respected
MaansiIntellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Goddess Saraswati
MaanushiWoman, Goddess Laxmi, Kind
MaanviGirl with humanity, One who poses all bestqualities
MaanyaThe quiet one, Worthy of honor, Respected, Honourable
MaanyataPrinciples, Assumption
MaarishaWorthy, Respectable
MaariyaBeloved, Beautiful, One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad, Purity
MaatangaAn Elephant
MaatangiGoddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga
MaayaGoddess Lakshmi
MabalaAnother name for Shiva
MabrookaBlessed, Prosperous
MadaUtmost point, Degree

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