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Indian Boy Names Indians today are living all around the world. If you are a English-speaking family with Indian heritage, you could consider giving your baby an Indian first name. There are lots of Indian names for boys and it will be not easy to choose the perfect name. Here we pulled together a collection of Indian boy names, along with their meanings. These names include Hindu names, Bengali names, Gujarathi names, Punjabi names, Sanskrit names and Tamil names. The list also contains those religion names based on lord Ganesha, Shiva, or Vishunu. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your cute boys.

M lik-Ul-MulkOwner of the kingdom
MaadAn old Arabian tribes name
MaadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna, Sweet like Honey
MaahirExpert, Brave
MaaksharthIt means, Precious part of mothers heart
MaalavA musical Raag, Ansh of Goddess Lakshmi, Horse keeper
MaalikMaster, Lord, Chief, Leader, Reigning, Ruling, Gardener, Owner, Husband
MaalinOne who makes garlands, Wearing a garland, Crowned, Gardener
MaalolanName of deity in ahobilam
MaanLecturer, Respect, Supernatural power, Lord of mind, Opinion, Devotion, Home, Pride, Respect home
MaanasMind, Soul, Brilliant, Spiritual thought, Heartintellect, Desire, Human being, Latin Manus is translated as hand, Insight, Cheerfulness
MaanavMan, Youth, Relating to Manu, Humankind, Human being, Pearl, Treasure human being
MaandavAble administrator, Fit, Competent
MaandavikBelonging to people, Administrator
MaandhanRich in honour, Honourable
MaanikRuby, Valued, Honoured, Gem
MaansarHoly words
MaansikIntellectual, Fanciful, Psychic
MaanvirBrave heart
MaarginGuide, Pioneer
MaargitPearl, Desired, Needed
MaarishCalf star of the sea, Worthy, Respectable
MaarmikIntelligent, Influential, Insightful, Perceptive
MaarshakRespectable, Worthy
MaarutAir, God of the wind, Another name for Lord Vishnu, Brilliant, Breeze, The storm God, Belonging to the wind
MaatharTraveller, Voyager
MaathurFrom or relating to Mathura
MaayanWater source, Indifferent to wealth
MaayinCreator of the universe, Creater of the Maya, Illusionary, Wily, Magician, Enchanting, Another name for Brahma, Shiva enchanting
MaazFriend of prophet Muhammad
MaazinProper name, Cloud that carries rain
MabadA place of worship
MabrukBlessed, Prosperous
MadanCupid, God of Love, Man filled with beauty, Intoxicating, Pleasing, Another name for the Love God Kaama, Spring, Passion
Madan GopalLord Krishna, Gopal, The Lord of Love
MadanapalLord of Love

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