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Indian Boy Names Indians today are living all around the world. If you are a English-speaking family with Indian heritage, you could consider giving your baby an Indian first name. There are lots of Indian names for boys and it will be not easy to choose the perfect name. Here we pulled together a collection of Indian boy names, along with their meanings. These names include Hindu names, Bengali names, Gujarathi names, Punjabi names, Sanskrit names and Tamil names. The list also contains those religion names based on lord Ganesha, Shiva, or Vishunu. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your cute boys.

LaasakDancer, Body, Playful, Peacock, Another
LaavindeepIlluminated, infused lamp, Bright future
LaayakFit, Clever, Capable
LabeebSensible, Intelligent
LabibSensible, Intelligent
LabidA companion
LaeeqAble, Fit, Deserving
LaganAppropriate time, Devotion, Love, The rising of the Sun or planets, Attaclunent
LahamIntuition, Conjecture, Wisdom
LahanLittle bright headed one
LaiqAble, Fit, Deserving
LaisA famous jurist had this name
LaithLion, Famous
LajbarName of a precious stone
LajjitBashful, Modest, Shy, Blushing
LajlajCompanion of prophet Muhammad
LajpalProtector of honour
LajpreetLove of honour
LajpremLove of honour
LajwantHonourable, Modest
LakeshCinnamon tree
LakhabirBrave as hundred thousand
LakhanBrother of Lord Rama, Successful, Achiever, Distinguished, With auspicious marks
LakhbirBrave as hundred thousand
LakhithLord Vishnu
LakhmeetFriend of hundred thousand
LakhminderLord of hundred thousand
LakhpreetLove of hundred thousand
LakhpremLove of hundred thousand
LakhsmanQuality of mind
LakhviarHeroic quality
LakhvirBrave as hundred thousand
LakhwinderLakh-w-inder-meaning is the Man who has defeated lakhs of inders Indian Lord Indra

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