Lesh: Meaning of Indian name Lesh

Gender of Lesh: boy

Meaning of Lesh: Small portion, Littleness, Practicle or atom, Small, Bit, A small song

Similar Indian Names:

AbhileshImmortal, Uniqueboy
AkhaleshName of Shankar jeeboy
AkhileshIndestructible, Immortalboy
AkhileshwarSupreme beingboy
AkileshIndestructible, Immortalboy
AleshaProtected by God, Silk of heavengirl
AleshaneeShe plays all the timegirl
AmaleshThe pure oneboy
AmleshlataGoddess Parvati, Amlesh - pure, Lata - a creeper, A branch, A string or thread of pearls, A slender or graceful woman, A woman in general, Name of An Apsaragirl
ArunachaleshwaraLord of the hills, The Sunboy
AshleshaA stargirl
AsleshaA stargirl
HibbaanFleshy, Angryboy
HibbanFleshy, Angryboy
IleshLord of the earth, King of the earthboy
IleshaQueen of the earthgirl
JaileshLord of waterboy
JaleshLord of waterboy
JileshOne of 108 names of the Sun Godboy
KaleshLord of everythingboy
KamaleshLord of Kamalaboy
KamaleshwarLord of lotus, Lord Vishnuboy
KamleshGod of lotusboy
KamleshwarLord of lotusboy
KhileshwarSupreme beingboy
LikileshGoddess Saraswatiboy
MahakaleshwarLord Shiva, The meaning of Kaal in hinduism is time and the Maha or greatness of Lord Shiva is thought to be greater than time itselfboy
MaleshLord Shiva, Lord of garlandsboy
MalleshLord Shiva, Lord of garlandsboy
MalleshaName of Lord Shivaboy
MauleshChndra mauleshawarboy
MithileshThe king of Mithila, Janak, Father of Goddess Sitaboy
MithleshThe king of Mithila, Janak, Father of Goddess Sitaboy
NaleshKing of flowersboy
NeeleshLord Krishna, Moonboy
NeeleshbabuName of Lord Shivaboy
NikhileshLord of allboy
NileshLord Krishna, Moonboy
NithileshLord of allboy
ObaleshLord Shiva, Lord of the linga, Epithet of Shivaboy
PraleshFinishes bad thingsboy
SaileshLord of the mountainboy
SaileshdeepCherishing peace and tranquillityboy
SakaleshwarLord of everythingboy
ShaileshGod of mountain, Himalayaboy
ShleshPhysical bondingboy
ShleshaMore than enoughgirl
ThaleshGod of landboy
UtpalWater Lily, Fleshless, Lotus blossom, Blossomingboy
VimleshVimal meaning pure and Ish meaning God . - the pure Lordboy
VishleshAnother name of Lord Shivaboy
ZarleshBorder made of goldboy

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