Archit: Meaning of Indian name Archit

Gender of Archit: boy

Meaning of Archit: Worship, Revered

Similar Indian Names:

ArchitaOne who is worshippedgirl
ArchithWorship, Reveredboy
ArchithaOne who is worshippedgirl
MayFifth month of english year, Old Arabic name, Illusion, Architectgirl
MimarMason, Architectboy
ParchithaWell Known, Origingirl
SamarchitWorshipped, Lovedboy
TaksakaThe architect of the godsgirl
TakshakA carpenter, Another name of the divinearchitect Vishvakarmaboy
VishvakarmaArchitect of the universeboy
VishwakarmaArchitect of the universeboy

Famous People Named Archit:

William Pitt (Architect) was an acclaimed architect and political figure from Australia.

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