Flower Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
AamaraGrass, Immortal one, Unfading flowergirl
AashmeenJasmine, Flowergirl
AblaaFull figured, Perfectly formedgirl
AboilThe name of a flowergirl
AboliThe name of a flowergirl
AiniSpring, Flower, Source, Choicegirl
AishminJasmine flowergirl
AmeliaTrustworthy, Beautiful, German, Workgirl
AnemoneType of flowergirl
AngarikaFlame colored flower, Palash, Flame of the forestgirl
AnoushkaFavor, Gracegirl
AnushkaA term of endearment, Grace, God has shown favour, Russiangirl
AparajithaOne of the kauravas, Unconquerable woman, Undefeated or name of a flowergirl
AparijitaUndefeated, A flower, One name of devis namesgirl
AprajitaUndefeated, A flower, One name of devis namesgirl
AtasiA blue flowergirl
AtikaFlower, Good smellgirl
AyaanaPretty flowergirl
AyanaThe mirrorgirl
AzhaarFlowers, Blossoms, The most shining, Luminousgirl
BahugandhaOne with lot of scentgirl
BaijantiName of a flowergirl

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