Flower Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
PhulwantFull of flower fragranceboy
PrabhkamalFlower of Godboy
PrasoonFlower, Blossomboy
PrasunFlower, Blossomboy
PriyanguIt means one who is loving and charming. its actually a flower which has medicinal valuesboy
PulkitHappy, Thrilled, Overjoyedboy
PushkarLotus, A lake, Sky, Heaven, Sunboy
PushpFlower, Fragrance, Topazboy
PushpadWho gives flowersboy
PushpajBorn from a flower, Nectarboy
PushpakarThe Spring season, Flower seasonboy
PushpalochanaOne who has eyes like flowersboy
PushparajKing of flowersboy
PushpenderLord of flowerboy
PushpeshLord of flowersboy
PushpinderGod of flowerboy
PushpreetLove for flowersboy
RajivAchiever, Blue lotusboy
RanganPleasing, Love, Cheerfulboy
RisayThe risk, Black rose, Lowest one, The oneboy
RobleBorn during the rainy season, Moneyboy

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