Bharani Nakshatra Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
LokmeetFriend of the peopleboy
LoknathLord of the worldboy
LokpalProtector of the peopleboy
LokpradeepGautam Buddhaboy
LokprakashLight of the worldboy
LokpreetOne who loves peopleboy
LokpremOne who loves peopleboy
LokraajRule of the peopleboy
LokranjanLord Vishnu, Pleasing the world, Gaining public confidenceboy
LokroopEmbodiment of the peopleboy
LoksewakAbsorbed in serving othersboy
LomashA sageboy
LovdeepAttachment to illuminationboy
LoveOne of the oneboy
LovedeepA person that cares about everyone, Helps everyone, Puts everyone before himboy
LovejeetWho wins the heart, Girl can made for this personboy
LovepalLove to Godboy
LoveyVery cold as Moonboy
LoveyanshPart of lady & Man, Loveboy
LovishFamous battleboy
LovleenAbsorbed, Imbued, Infusedboy
LovpreetLove for adorationboy

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