Bharani Nakshatra Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
LogeshName of a Godboy
LogeshwaranLord Shiva, Lord of the worldboy
LogithanLeek gardenboy
LohendraLord of three worldsboy
LohitRed, Made of copper, Mars, Lord, Battle, Sandalwood, Saffronboy
LohitakshLord Vishnu, Red-eyedboy
LohitakshaLord Vishnu, Red-eyedboy
LohitashwaOne with red horse, Fireboy
LohithRed, Made of copper, Mars, Lord, Battle, Sandalwood, Saffronboy
LohithakshLord Vishnu, Red-eyedboy
LokUniverse, Heaven, Earth, Humanity, Humankindboy
LokadhyakshaLord of all the three lokas worldsboy
LokajitConqueror of worldboy
LokakritiCreator of the worldboy
LokanathLord Shiva, Lord of the worldboy
LokanetraEye of the worldboy
LokankaraCreator of the three worldsboy
LokapalOne who takes care of the worldboy
LokapujyaWorshipped by the universe, A name of Lord Hanumanboy
LokbhushanOrnament of the worldboy
LokendraKing of worldboy
LokeshKing of worldboy
LokeshwaranKing of world is the single quote for this word. the person with this name would be more enchanting, Goal-oriented and would be able to adapt to any circumstancesboy
LokitThe enlightened oneboy

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