Ashvini Nakshatra Baby Names, Boy Names and Girl Names For Ashvini Nakshatra

Ashvini Nakshatra Baby NamesAshvini, aka Aswini or Ashwini, is the first of 27 nakshatras that are a part of Indian astrology. The Ashwini nakshatra gets its name from the Ashwini constellation, which consists of 3 stars. Its symbol is a horse's head. The Ashwini nakshatra is said to be under the influence of Ketu, which is the Indian name given to the descending lunar node, the point at which the path of the moon crosses and goes below the sun. It is considered to brink luck to your child to name him after his star sign. Here comes our collection of Ashvini Nakshatra baby names for your boys or girls.

Baby NameMeaningGender
ChediWhich cut and break, Leader, Charming, Wise, King and founder of the Chedi dynastyboy
ChelanDeep water, Consciousnessboy
CheliyanRich, Resourceful, Prosperousboy
ChellamaniPrecious gemboy
ChellamuthuPrecious Pearlboy
CheluvaLooking handsomeboy
ChemmalPremier, Bestboy
ChennaLord Vishnuboy
ChetakRana prataps horse, Thoughtful, Pensiveboy
ChetanIntelligence, Perceiption, Sprit of life, Vigour, Lifeboy
ChetanaanandSupreme Joyboy
ChetananandSupreme Joyboy
ChetasMind, Perception, Intelligence, Brillianceboy
ChethanIntelligence, Perceiption, Sprit of life, Vigour, Lifeboy
ChevatkodiyonLord Murugan, One with a rooster in his battle flagboy
CholanA south Indian dynastyboy
ChudamaniCrest jewelboy

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