Ashvini Nakshatra Baby Names, Page 5

Baby NameMeaningGender
LavenFragrance, Lord Ganeshboy
LaveshGod of Loveboy
LavinFragrance, Lord Ganeshboy
LavitLord Shiva, Lovely, Smallboy
LavithLord Shiva, Lovely, Smallboy
LavitraLord Shiva, Lovely, Smallboy
LavnyaBeauty, Graceboy
LavyanshAnsh part of Loveboy
LaxmanProsperous, Brother of Lord Rama, Born to giveboy
Laxmi KantLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmiboy
Laxmi NarayanaLord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmiboy
Laxmi SrinivasBeautifulboy
LaxmikantIt is name of Lord Vishnuboy
LaxminarayanaLord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmiboy
LayFrom the meadow farm, Concentration, Peace, Another name for brahman or the supreme spirit, Small, Bit, A moment of time, Harvesting, The son of God raamboy
LayakFit, Clever, Capableboy
ChayanaThe Moongirl
CheenaPure white marblegirl
ChellammaPampered girlgirl
ChelseaLanding place or port, Seaport. place namegirl
CherikaThe Moongirl

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